ETH Zurich

The Aceto lab is interested in understanding the fundamental molecular mechanisms that drive cancer and its metastatic progression, focusing on analyzing circulating tumor cells. In our studies, we use a combination of molecular biology, next-generation sequencing, computational biology, microfluidic and robotic technologies, patient samples, in vivo models, genetic engineering, CRISPR screens, and drug screens to better understand the biology and vulnerabilities of aggressive cancers.


The University of Basel ( founded in 1460, has seven faculties offering a comprehensive range of Bachelor and Master Degree programs attracting over 13’000 undergraduate and 2’700 doctoral students. As a research university it employs 377 Professors and more than 4000 researchers. With a high output of academic publications, the University is regularly placed among the top 100 universities in the world.

Within the University of Basel, the Department of Biomedicine unites the biomedical laboratory research of the Faculty of Medicine and represents a joint venture of the University of Basel, the University Hospital Basel and the University Children’s Hospital Basel. Its mission is to promote integrated research excellence in biomedical science. Central to its mission, non-clinical and clinical scientists work side by side to foster a translational environment across disease-relevant scientific themes, benefiting the lives of patients in areas of unmet need.

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