React4life is an innovative start-up based in Genoa, in Italy. The company provides technological solutions to implement realistic 3D models that overcome the bidimensional cell cultures to move closer to animal models. In particular, the React4Life designs and develops automatized fluidic platforms for 3D in vitro tissue culture and offers advanced fully-customizable products and services for lab-scale and small-scale in vitro tests for a wide set of applications.


IN society

Since 2008, the mission of IN srl is to support private and public organizations in participating in European, national and local innovation projects providing professional innovation and project management services and consulting. IN adopts a market-driven and innovation-focused approach to project management with strong links between idea generation and exploitation strategies. The agency counts on several collaborations with small and large enterprises, universities and research centers all around Europe


The CNR-IEIIT Bioengineering laboratory of Genoa, led by Silvia Scaglione, carries out advanced scientific and technological researches in the current frontier of tissue engineering (TE) and regenerative medicine; the bioengineering group’s core research missions are to develop novel biomaterials and bioreactors for TE applications, and to translate new engineering technologies into clinical practice.

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